Customer & Marketing Strategy

Drive strategy using a deep geographic understanding of your customer base and target market

Smarterknowledge can provide you with a nuanced, geographical evidence-base to drive your customer and marketing strategic decisions and ongoing strategy implementation. We do this by building you a custom, interactive tool that integrates geographic details with public domain reference data, allowing you to understand your customer base.
Geographic Market Share

Your questions, answered

  • How do we identify and prioritise a stream of proactive, future marketing opportunities across all locations and all customer profiles?
  • What customer profiles live in our locations?
  • Where does our ideal customer live?
  • Where are the greatest cross-selling opportunities?
  • Are our win-back customers concentrated in certain locations or dominated by certain customer profiles?
  • How can we create a nuanced marketing strategy that targets specific customer profiles in local markets, with relevant messaging?

Creating powerful stories
through data visualisation

We use our Commpact platform to visualise the data and help tell a powerful story. This might be through tools you can engage with such as zoom in/out maps with interactive filters and features. Or we can present findings and insights through videos and presentations.

Improving outcomes
and having an impact

Our experience spans government, healthcare, aged care, social services, sporting organisations, not-for-profits, financial institutions, and higher education. The analysis we provide has helped inform a nuanced, geo-targeted digital marketing strategy helping you with decisions about cross selling opportunities, win-back opportunities, and identification of strengths and weaknesses in the existing customer base. Read more about our customer and marketing strategy work in our case studies.

Want to know more?

Given the visual nature of our work it’s best demonstrated in person or online. We can show you some different examples and approaches so you can get some ideas about how measurement & advocacy can help your organisation.