Regional Growth Strategy

Case Study: Regional growth data analysis and strategy to expand In-home Aged Care and Family Day Care services


Intereach is a not-for-profit community organisation providing a range of services that help improve social and personal wellbeing. The organisation was interested in identifying opportunities to expand In-home Aged Care, and Family Day Care. They sought assistance from Smarterknowledge to evaluate their position, and minimise risk to their ability to provide services, while expanding their footprint. 


Smarterknowledge worked with the Intereach management team to develop a structured approach for identifying locations for future growth. A custom methodology was developed for both In-home Aged Care (Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programme), and Family Day Care. This involved understanding the operating model, identifying factors critical to success, and an evaluation of internal and external data sources to help quantify demand, suitability, as well as multiple aspects of the competitive landscape. This analysis was then workshopped amongst key stakeholders with experience in the sector to determine the relative weighting of key datasets. The analysis was supplemented with additional contextual demographic information such as community age profiles, most common health conditions and employment status of parents to provide extra information that could be useful for decision making.  


The resulting analysis was visualised using an intuitive web-based tool built with our Commpact platform, with interactive maps, visual tool-tips and the ability to change geographic boundaries. The management team now has a clear understating of potential locations for growth, and the underlying data that provides these recommendations. 

“Working with Smarterknowledge helped to accelerate our achievement of our strategic priorities.” 

Michelle Tai, Co-CEO, Intereach