Defining community, maximising impact

Commpact is an innovative and practical online tool that defines where your communities are, who they are and what they need.
It overlays your data and empowers you with engagement insights on the contribution you are making to your communities.
Leveraging this information you will maximise your community impact by continuously identifying opportunities to influence and prioritise investment.

Our Approach

We put community at the centre of strategy and use an evidence based approach
that regularly connects data with location to tell a powerful story.

Defines the geographic location of local communities using location based analysis so you know where your communities are.

Integrates ABS data to provide a statistical profile of each community to better understand who they are.

Identifies the strategic priorities of each community so you better understand what they want and how it aligns to your strategy.

Overlays your engagement data from a range of sources so you know when and how you engage with your communities.

Provides insights on performance and opportunities to demonstrate why you have invested in community and the impact you have made.

How we work with our clients

1. Define communities

The first step is defining the communities that are important to your organisation and will help to deliver your strategy. Commpact uses location based analysis and profiling data to help do this. We can also provide support in developing and refining the community engagement strategy where needed. 

2. Identify engagement data

The Smarterknowledge team will work with you to identify and capture existing data that is a good measure of your engagement with a community. We also work with you to understand what quality issues / gaps there are in your data to improve it in the future.

3. Drive and communicate impact

Commpact is an online tool that brings all the information together through dashboards and reports that help you to understand your current engagement and identify opportunities for improvement. The Smarterknowledge team supports you to embed a process that uses those insights to prioritise and implement improvement activity and communicate stories of impact.

Access and support

  • Commpact uses an annual subscription model that is based on the number of licenses, so you only pay for what you need.
  • Every user will have full access to the suite of dashboards and reports.
  • Commpact is a secure cloud-based solution. Every user has their own login to access the platform.
  • Future upgrades are included in the subscription.
  • Support is provided during business hours.