We are problem solvers with a unique mix of skills and experience.

Our People

We come together through a shared passion for data, in search of the story of impact it can tell.

Dr Michael Nelson
Michael founded Smarterknowledge with a clear vision to help clients use evidence-based approaches to measure performance, drive improvement and demonstrate their contribution and impact. With over 25 years of experience as a management consultant he has worked across government, higher education, and industry as a trusted advisor and leader of change on large strategic transformation programs. Michael brings together a diverse team of strategic thinkers and drives a culture of inclusive and creative problem solving to achieve the best results for clients.
Andrew Pike
Andrew is an experienced consultant with over 20 years of experience advising clients on transformation, major projects and operational improvement. With a strong focus on purpose and impact, Andrew has a pragmatic approach which bridges the gap between strategy and implementation. In particular, Andrew enjoys working with motivated, diverse teams to develop solutions that make a difference.
Dr Rachael Morgan
Rachael is an experienced manager with a varied background in consulting, project management and scientific research. She is highly skilled in bringing together diverse stakeholder groups to co-design easy to understand data-driven solutions that have practical application in the workplace.
Christie Nelson
Christie is a multi-disciplinary designer. She combines her instructional, visual and photographic design talents to help her clients tell powerful stories of learning, information and vision.
Maree Sirois
Maree is experienced in government-based advocacy, program management and leadership. She is passionate about collaboratively helping clients to drive evidence-based change that enables them to both embody and achieve their ‘why’.
Michaela Turancova
Michaela is a talented consultant and coach, and has a unique combination of a scientific and analytical mindset with a creative and practical approach. Michaela thrives on bringing people together to solve complex challenges and empowers our clients with knowledge and skills through tailored coaching and support.
Nick Major
Nick is a talented consultant with experience working across government and sporting organisations. Combining his ability to understand and solve business problems with his coaching expertise, Nick works with clients and stakeholders to drive performance and ensure they are set up for success.
Quang Nguyen
Quang is a talented programmer with a background in software engineering. Being a naturally curious person, he uses technology and adopts programmatical approaches to analyse and visualise complex data and drive innovative system and product development.
George Vlachos
George is a consultant who is passionate about applying mathematics and statistics to solve real world problems for his clients and their communities. He uses a variety of principles, systems, and tools to achieve sustainable improvement and make a positive impact. He has a detailed, first-hand, understanding of federal government entities.
Eduardo Moya Paniagua
Eduardo is a budding programmer with a background in software engineering, robotics, and artificial intelligence. He is passionate about automating repetitive tasks and uses multiple programming languages to find creative, elegant solutions to streamline processes and workflows.